Health Ministry instructs hospitals to have Covid-19

Health Ministry instructs hospitals to have Covid-19

Health Minister Zahid Maglaque says the recent surge in Covid-19 infections is caused by people flouting health safety rules.

As Bangladesh has been experiencing an upsurge in Coved- 19 cases recently, the government formulating

various strategies, including instructing the hospitals to keep beds ready for Coved- 19 patients to resist

the viral infection ahead summer.

According to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), the country registered over Health Ministry instructs hospitals to have Covid-19.

1000 cases for two days in a row. Some 1,051 new cases were identified on Thursday, the highest since January 10.

Expressing concern over the recent rising trend of Coved- 19 infections in the country,

Health Minister Zahid Maglaque said the ministry had asked the private and government hospital

to be ready by allotting beds for Covid-19 patients.

The minister was speaking after attending a program at the National institute of Ophthalmology

and Hospital on Thursday morning.

We held meetings with government and private officials various levels across the country on Wednesday,

” he said.

take appropriate action.  They should organize programs in a limited way. We have asked them to postpone programs which are less important, he added.

Zahid Maleku has repeatedly been issuing warnings for the last few days, saying that people were flouting health safety rules.

The daily infection rate in the country had come down to 2%. Now it has risen again to close to 6%, he said.

The Minister said: This is concerning. People are not using masks or using them ices than before.

They are reluctant to maintain social distance. People are also attending a lot more social events,

which is contributing to the rise in infections again.

Mentioning that people had become reckless since the vaccine came to the country, Zahid Maglaque said:

“We have to be vigilant again.”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also issued new directives for the next three months to contain the spread of the viral disease at a cabinet division meeting on Tuesday, Health Ministry instructs hospitals to have Covid-19.


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